The Greatest Material on Earth

29 May 2012

BBC4, How It Works was a great series looking at various materials, their history and development.
Craig Durham brought the plastics episode to our attention in his column Material Matters. The feature got us talking here at IOM3 so much we
started a poll to see what you think. The votes are still open, so be sure to
cast yours.

Another episode in the series was Metal where Mark Miodownik traveled to Israel and learns how we first
extracted copper, and discovers how metal crystals can be grown to survive the
jet engine. He also traces the story of ceramics as part of the series, and how
we started with simple clay, sand and rock and changed them into materials to
allow us to reshape our world.

The series offers a great insight to the
materials we know and love and here at IOM3 we feel like it’s a series made just for us!
Worth a watch if you didn’t catch it the first time.

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