Starpack gold winner interview: August Salo

17 May 2012

Starpack talks to August Salo, winner of the gold award in the Blue Sky Soft Drinks category sponsored by Britvic. August wins £500 for his design, ‘Twist of Taste’.

Hi August, congratulations on your win. In this category you were challenged to come up with a novel idea for soft drink packaging, what made you chose this brief?

I decided to enter the brief because it struck me as the most interesting one when I was going through this year’s briefs. It wasn't limited to only designing a packaging solution, but instead was looking for some sort of whole in which marketing, product design, and packaging combine.

How did you hear about Starpack?

I first heard of Starpack when I began my studies at the Institute of Design in Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

Can you tell us about your design?

My design is a filter (Twist of Taste), which fits to all standard threaded soft drink/beverage bottles. The filter contains flavour crystals (concentrated flavouring). When the beverage passes through the filter the crystals slowly dissolve into it to add a twist to the selected beverage.

The idea arose from the fact that most soft drink companies are competing with flavours, that is they add flavours to their classic recipes to attract new consumers. The filter plays with this idea: what if as a consumer you were given more choices in flavours and given the freedom to add them to the beverage of your choice?

How could Twist of Taste change the beverage market?

The filter is a marketing perspective with great advantages for the company that brands/produces the filter. As the filter works with standard threads the consumer might choose to twist it onto a competitor’s beverage and thus the filter brand profits from its competitor’s consumer.


'An absolute winner. Well executed throughout. An excellent
product and packaging solution. Well done'

Starpack Judges


For example: Pepsi produces the filter and the consumer decides to attach it to a Coca-Cola bottle, Pepsi's biggest competitor. Well, the consumer is now also a Pepsi consumer. The filter is not only limited to the soft drink market.  The consumer might also decide to attach a filter to a mineral water or even an alcoholic beverage like cider, which would allow Pepsi to gain territory in those sections of market as well.

An added bonus is that you can attach them to each other to create your own blends or strengths of flavour. Or you can go nuts and try adding ten together as a fun experiment!

What is your favourite soft drink and why?

I am a fan of most soft drinks and I enjoy testing the newest tastes. But I guess, if I have to choose one, I'd say Root Beer is a definite favourite. Root Beer always brings back memories from the time I spent in the US

Would you like to work in packaging design in the future?

Yes, I am very interested in finding work in packaging design in the future. The few years I have studied packaging design in Lahti have sparked inspiration, but I am not limiting myself to packaging design as I am also interested in other fields of design as well.

Do you have any plans for the prize money?

I haven't yet decided what I am going to do with the prize money, but one plan is to invest in a new laptop and software so I can work on the move.


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