Design Innovation in Plastics 2012 finalists announced

14 May 2012

The Design
Innovation in Plastics annual competition, sponsored by IOM3 has announced
the six finalists.

The finalists are
Oliver Brunt (Northumbria University), Gediminas Kuprys (University of Bradford),
Danny Lynch (Nottingham Trent University), Jamie Mansfield (Nottingham Trent
University), Michal Mojduska (University for the Creative Art, Rochester), and
Rowan Williams (Loughborough University).

This year the theme is:
‘Universal Design: Designing for the Rest of Us’, and student designers were
challenged to create an innovative product, primarily in plastics, that
addresses the principle of inclusive design. The final will take place on 25 May.

The final will be
judged by an array of prestigious industry professionals, including Stuart
Patrick, Chairman of IOM3 Polymer Society Board.

While many of us take our physical and mental
abilities for granted, others are less fortunate and can suffer from dexterity,
visual, auditory and cognitive impairments. By taking into consideration a
broader set of user needs at the outset of a project, designers can address
these requirements directly while still creating products that are innovative,
functional and universally appealing.

This year the competition had a record number
of entries and Richard Brown, Chairman of the judging panel claimed it was
incredibly difficult to judge this year, saying, ‘They were all challenging and
all competitive’.

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