Starpack gold winner interview: Jungmin Lee

1 Jun 2012

Starpack talks to Jungmin Lee, a second year Product Design student
from Central St Martins College of Art and Design about winning the gold award and £500 for
the Busy Chocolate brief, sponsored by

Hi Jungmin,
congratulations on your win. How did you hear about Starpack and why did you
choose the Busy Chocolate brief?

I heard about Starpack through my tutor. I chose the Nestlé brief as it
sounded interesting for me, because packaging design is not only about how to
design a logo or the graphics, it is also about interface. Packaging tells story about a product.

Tell us about your design...

I made a package which people can open easily by snapping one piece of
chocolate to eat, which gives busy people a chance to have an indulgent moment
in a hectic life. The package not only gives a good grip by folding the
separate pieces, without any bother!


"A beautiful pack, well engineered"

Starpack Judges


What is your favourite type/brand of chocolate? (You don’t have to say Nestlé!)

Haha. I feel like I want to say Nestlé. Actually I am not a huge fan of chocolate
but I quite like Lindt chocolate. Also, Masion Du Chocolat and Hotel Chocolat.

How is your design adapted to the modern world?

By considering possible consumers who are living in a busy world under pressure
and multi-tasking...

Do you any plans for the prize money?

No specific plans but it will help me a lot for sure.

Would you like to work in packaging design in the future?

As a 2nd year student, I am thinking about my future career plan and it has
made me consider it quite seriously indeed. I think it is interesting subject.


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