Starpack industry winner interview: Emily Hutchinson, Professional Packaging Services

5 Jul 2012

talks to Emily Hutchinson, from Professional Packaging Services who won a
Starpack Excellence Award for their Tattinger Champagne Giftpack.

you explain how your design differs from others on the market?

differences in bottle sizes and weight, this striking design is effective
across the whole range of Taittinger gift boxes designed by us. It is
sophisticated yet simple. There are several on shelf display options available,
each one maximising the pack’s shelf presence. The Taittinger logo and symbol
are in heavy gold foil blocking, which really creates an impact and follows the
brand’s classic signature style.

problems does your design solve?

design feature adds value; the lid, which works to create the handle, can also
be used as a tray to offer an alternative display feature. The pack can be
turned inside out for full product visibility without taking up any more space
on shelf. The design means that all four bottles can be enclosed within the
pack without touching each other ,which is vital for transit and retail


“A simple and neat execution giving a luxury and practical
pack.  Beautiful and convenient,
works as a carry box and as display”.
Starpack judges


kind of feedback have you had from the public/ clients about your pack?

Taittinger brand was thrilled with the entire product range, and they
requested exclusivity for the design of this pack within the Champagne market.
We have since expanded the range with a triangle style pack, which has been well

other packs on the market have impressed you?

was really impressed with a young student’s award-winning whisky packaging
design recently. Her concept was to make whisky less ‘macho’ and more
‘feminine’. She achieved this with a unique newspaper style bottle wrap with
dating advertisements printed on, as well as reinventing the shape of the
bottle itself. As packaging is such a fast evolving industry, PPS always try to
stay one step ahead by combining our constructional creativity with our
commitment to realise our client’s visions no matter how unique they are.

your company entered the Starpack Industry Awards in the past?

this was our first time entering ANY award- and we won! An achievement we are
all proud of.