Mining Games

16 Jan 2012

The 34th International Mining Games will see teams of students compete in a series of events designed to keep traditional mining techniques alive.

To be held from 29 March – 1 April 2012 at King Edward Mine in Cornwall, teams from Europe, the USA, Australia and Canada will participate in women’s, mixed, men’s and alumni events, as well as social activities.

The 34th Games will be the first to be held in the UK and will cover swede saw, gold panning, hand steeling, track stand, jackleg drilling, hand mucking and surveying.

The competition was set up in 1978 to honour the miners that died at Sunshine Mine, USA, in 1972, as well as miners that have died since in the line of duty. It provides mining and mining-related companies with an opportunity to meet potential employees in the fields of mining and geology. More than 240 students are expected to take part in the Games, which also aim to forge links between students from across the world.

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34th International Mining Games