August Materials World available digitally

Fellows' Lounge
The August edition of Materials World is now available digitally for Fellows.

UK set to continue world class defence materials research

Defence, Safety and Security Committee
QinetiQ awarded contract to maintain UK capability
students in lab

Polymer study tours - promoting positive perceptions of polymers

The Polymer Society
Many teachers have little or no in-depth knowledge of polymers, and even fewer have any experience of polymer processing. Polymer Study Tours, which are free to delegates, can fill this information gap.

Journal focus: Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology

Materials World magazine
Biodegradable metals, while having the potential to revolutionise the orthopaedic implant industry, must overcome several hurdles in the years to come. Nick Birbilis and Nicholas Kirkland explain more.

Spotlight: Demand drives microscopy developments

Materials World magazine
An increasing number of industries working in minute detail are leading manufacturers to improve the microscopy field and make it more accessible.