Radiating calm - radiation-resistant circuits

Materials World magazine
The University of Utah, USA, has designed radiation-resistant circuits that can function in intense radiation and heat unlike standard silicon electronics.
Floating house, from Floating Homes GmbH. Images courtesy of Martin Förster/

Floats of fancy - homes on water

Materials World magazine
How can you live like Ratty in The Wind and the Willows , address your vitamin D deficiency and stay dry when Antarctica melts? Buy a floating house.

Bond detects danger - the bioelectronic olfactory neuron device

Materials World magazine
Artificial noses can be used to sniff out diseases such as tuberculosis. However, many current systems fall short in terms of sensitivity, reliability and selectivity. To refine research in this area, the EU Commission is funding the bioelectronic olfactory neuron device (Bond) project.

See through science - Institut Laue-Langevin

Materials World magazine
The multinational, multi-disciplinary ILL facility deep in the Alps enables scientists to pursue the twin aims of understanding material structure and behaviour, and over the past 40 years they have been mastering the neutron as an investigative tool.

Excuse my French - Franco-British Workshop on Strategic Metals report

Materials World magazine
A joint effort might just be the way out of a materials deficit. Materials World reports on the Franco-British Workshop on Strategic Metals in London, UK.