Fred Starr

My time in a kangaroo court…

Materials World magazine
Regular columnist Fred Starr recounts an eight-year court case investigating the cause of a cracked gas pipe.

Talking Turkey - research and development

Materials World magazine
As its Mediterranean neighbours sag under the weight of bankruptcy and civil discord, Turkey is honing its R&D capabilities.

Viewpoint: The missing link - gamma rays and nuclear photonics

Materials World magazine
Gamma rays could provide the missing link towards nuclear photonics, leading to a whole host of new analytical and imaging techniques from medicine to nuclear waste. Dr Michael Jentschel of the Institut Laue-Langevin in France discusses the possibilities.

Nanocomposites take flight - HiPerNano 2012 report

Materials World magazine
A vast amount of high performance nanocomposite research is being conducted, but where can the technology be applied in engineering?
Baselayers made from merino wool could offer professional risk-takers better protection and comfort than those made from cotton or flammable synthetics

Hard target - Advances in Protective Clothing conference report

Materials World magazine
Throughout history, humanity has been using clothing to protect the body from a variety of threats. We report on the Advances in Protective Clothing conference, held at UK-based defence technology company QinetiQ in Farnborough.