The Shrewbot, jointly developed by the University of Sheffield and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. Image courtesy of the University of Sheffield, UK.

Innovation in automation

Materials World magazine
An Etruscan shrew in attack mode has inspired the next generation of search and rescue robots.
power plant

Fission of the future

Materials World magazine
The Bristol–Oxford Nuclear Research Centre (NRC) is to provide the cutting-edge research needed to fuel Britain’s nuclear future.

Gamma-rays enter new dimension

Materials World magazine
Researchers in the US have created new gamma-ray detector materials that may lead to the development of handheld devices for nuclear, national security and biomedical applications.

All out of gas

Materials World magazine
At the Environmental Gas Summit 2011, an alternative source of fuel should have the energy industry dancing in tandem, but the environmental implications of shale gas have left it dispersed, with each sector determined on fighting its own corner.

Just how resourceful are we?

Materials World magazine
Delegates at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, UK, debated whether we should be concerned about the future global supply of strategic materials.