Best Craftsmanship Award

Brick-tacular - The UK Brick Awards 2011

Clay Technology magazine
The UK Brick Awards 2011 celebrated the best constructions of the year.
pipe repair

Cracking clay pipe repair

Clay Technology magazine
A system for repairing failing gas pipes and cracked portions of clay pipes could improve on traditional wet layup methods.

Science education key to economic recovery

According to a report by EngineeringUK, studying science subjects could prepare the next generation of employees for when the economy recovers.

Are small businesses benefiting from increased credit availability?

The ability of small businesses to borrow money is a key to economic growth, particularly in manufacturing and engineering. Government plans are in place to increase lending to businesses, but it is being questioned whether greater credit availability is actually allowing companies to borrow more.

Adhesion Science and Technology

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
The Adhesion Society course provides an introduction and overview to a variety of critically important topics in the field of adhesion; details have been announced.