Campaign to save Design and Technology in schools

30 Nov 2011

Design and Technology (D&T) is currently an important compulsory part of the national curriculum, playing a vital role in providing students with the skills to pursue careers in engineering, advanced manufacturing, design and the creative industries. However, its position in the curriculum is under threat.

In early 2011 the Government launched a review of the national curriculum in secondary and primary schools in England. So far only Science, English, Maths and Physical Education are guaranteed to remain compulsory following the shake-up, which is intended to give teachers more freedom in how they teach students. As a result there is a chance D&T will cease to be compulsory in schools, meaning teachers could choose to not teach the subject.

The Design and Technology Association (DATA) have launched a campaign, Believe in D&T, to persuade the government to retain the subject, which you can read and sign at the campaign website.

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Believe in D&T Campaign website

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