Celebrating 50 years of solidification research

22 Nov 2011

The Brunel Centre for
Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST), a Specialist
Research Institute at Brunel University, is to host an international symposium marking
50 years of achievement and innovation in solidification and casting. The conference, on 12-14 December at Brunel, will honour
Professor John Hunt's distinguished career in the field on the occasion of his
75th birthday.

The event will bring together
researchers, former colleagues of John Hunt and a new generation of scientists to hear from leading authorities from the global solidification
community. Professor Associate at BCAST since 2006, Hunt
is known around the world for his contributions to the science and
technology of solidification.

As one of the oldest processes for producing
complex shapes for industrial applications, solidification remains of paramount
importance to commercial processes in metallurgy to meet the burgeoning demands
for sustainable development in the modern world.

'We continue to be honoured to have John Hunt as
Professor Associate at BCAST; his contribution has been invaluable...to great innovation and advancement in the wider field of solidification
science and technology,' comments Professor
Zhongyun Fan, the Founder and Director of BCAST.

Papers will cover historical accounts of the advancement of
solidification, overviews of specific aspects of note and descriptions of new developments giving unique insight into the advancements in the


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