MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award opens

5 May 2011

The 9th MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award is open for submissions from designers, material manufacturers, developers, engineers and producers. The first deadline is the end of May. It acknowledges extraordinary design or engineering achievements in a material, surface, product or CO2 efficiency, and focuses on aerospace, automotive, engineering, medical technology, energy technology, sports, and technical consumer goods.

The award is for a product, material or developed method that highlights the innovative competence of the company. It aims to show the importance of materials for industrial design-oriented applications and  encourages dialogue between material manufacturers, designers and product manufacturers.

Winners will be announced on 18 October 2011, during part of the MATERIALICA Design Show, held from 18-21 October in Germany.

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More information and the application form

Inez Rattan, tel: +49 (0)89 76773828, MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award – Project Office