How do you feel about the materials around you?

23 Mar 2011

BRE (The Building Research Establishment) is carrying out a research project looking at people's views of interior materials and the role they have in delivering well-being. You can share your views and help to shape their research project by completing an online questionnaire.

Today, better buildings are viewed as being low environmental impact and low energy, but they must also capture the social values of aesthetics, health and well-being. This will lead to the creation of pleasing, effective and healthy low impact interior spaces: spaces that are beneficial to those who are working, learning or recovering in them. The physical well-being of occupants in buildings is a subject that has been thoroughly studied, whereas the psychological well-being has received less attention.

BRE are looking at people’s views of interior materials and the role they have in delivering well-being. In return we are offering everyone who completes the questionnaire, entry into a Prize Draw with a prize of £100.

One of the objectives of the research is to create a database that will inform designers, architects and builders about benefits of material selection from the perspective of well-being. In this first stage, we are investigating options for refurbishment of offices, schools and healthcare environments.

There are two versions of the questionnaire, one for occupants and one for building professionals.

To take the occupant survey visit

To take the building professionals survey visit

Any information you give will be treated in the strictest confidence and all the responses you give will be entirely anonymous. If you would like to receive a summary of the project findings or have any queries about the questionnaire, please email