Partners sought for University Scholarship Scheme

15 Jun 2011

The Ironmongers' Foundation is looking for partners to join its University Scholarship Scheme. TheĀ  Scheme selects students with a high-level of academic excellence from underprivileged backgrounds, so that they would struggle to go to
university without additional financial help beyond a government
grant. The scholars are studying for a first degree in engineering or
materials science, and attend the UK's top universities.

An important part of the
Scheme is the partnership between scholars and sponsors, and the industry
experience this provides. Scholars are encouraged to complete work placements
with partner companies, with a view to joining the
company when they graduate. Companies can benefit by:

  • encouraging and
    nurturing the next generation of engineers and material scientists.
  • developing a 'pool'
    of trained engineers and materials scientists committed to the industry.

Existing scholars can
meet those responsible for graduate development within companies to further explain the scheme.


Further information

The Ironmongers' Foundation website

Contact: Louise Morgan, tel: +44 (0)20 7776 2309