Funding for ideas that enhance sports performance

24 Feb 2011

UK Sport's Ideas4Innovation programme is looking for ideas that could benefit British athletes
in competition and training. Up to £25,000 is
available to develop concepts generated by the UK's research community.

The scheme hopes to engage those involved in sports science, technology and engineering to enhance the performance of professional athlethes in light of the London 2010 Olympics and Paralympics. The competition is aimed at:

  • New researchers: Undergraduate students studying engineering, science, technology or medicine with a project relevant to elite sports performance. Post graduate researchers who have
    undertaken their first year of research are welcome to apply.
  • Garage innovator: Any sports enthusiasts with creative ideas may apply. The award is aimed at those with a passion to see the Great Britain team
    succeed, as the prize will give UK Sport a period of exclusivity of any outcomes. If the inventor is unable to resource the idea
    development, UK Sport will find
    appropriate resources and retain the inventor as an advisor. The Inventor will retain all
    intellectual property.

Eight finalists will receive £500 each.
On 4 August they will present their idea to a panel of judges, who
will decide which idea(s) has greatest
potential to improve Olympic and Paralympic performance, and will award
up to £25,000 of research funding to ensure the idea(s) comes to

The application process requires an overview of the idea, an explanation of the benefits to Olympic
and Paralympic sports and how the financial award would be used.

Further information

Closing date for application forms: 8 July.

Ideas4Innovation website