Institute of Physics Awards 2012 nominations deadline

22 Dec 2011

The Institute of Physics is calling for nominations for its 2012 awards. The awards recognise the achievements of physicists working in industry, business and research, as well as contributions made to physics education and the application of physics and physics-based technology.

The deadline for nominations is 13 January. To be eligible nominees must have made a substantial contribution to the development or reputation of physics in the UK or Ireland.

The awards are not simply for physicists though, potential nominees could come from a non-physics background or be based in industry, as long as they have improved the reputation of physics. One award, The Isaac Newton Medal, is open to anyone.

A total of 19 awards are open for nominations including medals for industrial application, contribution to experimental physics, education and outreach, awards by subject, early-career medals and international awards.

The committee judging the awards is particularly keen to receive nominations for female physicists and physicists from ethnic minorities who are often under-represented in the nominations.

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