Committee approves Institute award winner

2 Aug 2011
John Liddle

The Particulate Engineering Committee has approved the award of the 2011 Ivor Jenkins Medal to Dr John Liddle (pictured), in recognition of his significant role as Director of the former PowdermatriX Faraday Partnership in the UK.

John became Director of PowdermatriX in 2002 and, under his leadership, the Partnership established a membership of over 200 companies, 46 university departments and 725 individuals, in a full rane of materials. More than 2,100 delegates attended technical meetings and workshops on technical developments and good practice, and in excess of 35 postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers were trained in ‘soft’ skills in preparation for careers in industry or academia. His former colleagues continue to assist the particulate engineering community through the Powders Sector of the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network.

The stimulus John gave partner companies, universities and his team of Technology Translators led to advances in powder compaction and generation, and pharmaceutical use. Significant value has been delivered to UK industry and the academic community. He is a founder director of Materials Solutions, a company established under a Government initiative to exploit selective laser melting for functional parts in stainless steel, cobalt chrome and nickel alloys.

John is now developing a sustainable construction network, managing an innovation centre and conference facility, and is involved with the construction materials group of IOM3.

On learning that he had won the award, he said, ‘I’m really honoured...and would like to thank the members of all the teams from all areas of particulate technology that I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to work with’.


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