Using cobalt nanostructures to create magnetic materials could lead to improvements in the development of memory storage devices in phones, computers and data strips on debit and credit cards.

Stabilising magnetic materials

Materials World magazine
Magnetic materials can be made using block copolymers to create nanostructures at low temperatures, say scientists at the University of Massachusetts, USA.
Plasma treated ion mask trainer, courtesy of P2i

A sporting chance - nanotechology developments for sport equipment

Materials World magazine
The Nano4Sport event held on 21 September in London, UK, brought together the latest materials developments and illustrated the innovations being made in the sector.
carbon nanotube

Getting the measure of nanomaterials

Materials World magazine
The difficulties and sheer breadth of characterisation were among the topics discussed at Advances in Measurement of Nanomaterials and Their Impact on Man and the Environment, held on September 14 in Oxford, UK.