Putting issues to bed - recycling mattresses

Materials World magazine
At the recent Materials KTN Mattress Whitewater event in Grantham, UK, delegates explored innovative methods to keep mattresses out of landfill and put them to work in cement kilns and plant membranes.

Fine-tuning graphene nanoribbons

Materials World magazine
A method for forming graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) might enable their properties to be tuned, widening their potential applications in electronic and spintronic devices.

Between concrete and a hard place - Cement and Concrete Science 2011 report

Materials World magazine
Extolling the versatility of cementitious materials, scientists, academics and industry professionals exchanged notes on research areas and methodologies at Cement and Concrete Science 2011, held in London, UK, on September 12-13.

Predicting colloidal particle separation

Materials World magazine
An energy-based method for predicting how colloidal particle mixtures separate into layers has been developed by US researchers at Penn State University.
Structured light emission from a conjugated polymer used in the Hypix project. Image courtesy of Dr Georgios Tsiminis

Polymers shine a light on landmine detection

Materials World magazine
A new invention from a consortium of Scottish experts for sensing abandoned landmines consists of a polymer semiconductor whose fluorescent light turns off when it comes into contact with TNT molecules.