Antarctic field clothing – Dr Claire Lehman on a recreational crevasse visit during field training close to Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island just off the Antarctic Peninsula. Image courtesy of Pete Bucktrout (BAS)

Where there’s a chill... Engineering challenges in Antarctica

Materials World magazine
Mike Rose, of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, UK, talks to Materials World about engineering and endurance on the world’s coldest continent.
EADS 'Hyperjoint' system

Titanium promise

Materials World magazine
The titanium industry has been hit hard since the last World Titanium Conference in Japan back in 2007. Professor Malcolm Ward-Close reports that the production figures presented at the recent event in Beijing indicate a strong recovery and an active research community.
radio mast

Mill scale forms electromagnetic shield

Materials World magazine
Building waste could hold the key to effective electromagnetic shielding, say scientists at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
oil pumps

From sludge oil to good soil

Materials World magazine
A bioremediation technique capable of restoring oil-contaminated soil to a state suitable for plant growth has been developed by Lithuanian company Biocentras.
scientist with material

Exercising control on coatings

Materials World magazine
Researchers at the University of Southampton, UK, have developed a different approach to manufacturing nanonstructured films that uses a surfactant as a template to control the formation of a nanoporous coating.