Shell IOM3 Accreditation Rollout 4th May

IOM3 Accreditation for Shell

Energy Transition Group
Shell's graduate engineer development programme has been accredited by IOM3.

Fibre-reinforced composites toughen up

Materials World magazine
The addition of silica nanoparticles to rubber-toughened epoxy could improve the fracture and fatigue resistance of fibre-reinforced composites (FRC) without impacting on the materials’ processing.
Volcanic ash at Mount Etna, Italy. Image courtesy of Eva Schuster

Jetsetting with a ceramic shield

Materials World magazine
Researchers have been looking into ceramic coatings that could help planes deal with volcanic dust.
stylised spark

Emission-free photodiodes

Materials World magazine
A nanocrystalline photodiode, which splits hydrogen and oxygen, could result in emission-free energy harvesting devices.
Mixed plastics recycling at the Redcar facility, UK. Image courtesy of Biffa Polymers

Making the most of a mixed bag - mixed plastics packaging recycling

Materials World magazine
Europe’s first fully integrated mixed plastics packaging recycling facility in Redcar, UK, looks to sort out a sustainable future for industry.