rainwater on wood surface

Nanoglaze for rainy days

Materials World magazine
Nanoscale additives have been applied to improve the weather-protection and antifungal action of 2-in-1 waterbased glazing systems used in outdoor wood applications.
waste bricks on shelves

Binding a future for waste bricks

Materials World magazine
A test manufacturing facility is producing ‘carbon-negative’ masonry bricks from recovered aggregates, reinforced by an innovative binder. This could provide an alternative to clay fired bricks.

Optical devices enter third dimension

Materials World magazine
The prospect of replacing electronic computers with optically based devices has come a step closer with a novel laser technique.
International Space Station STS101- 714-028. Image courtesy of NASA

Adhesives form stronger bonds

Materials World magazine
An adhesive that becomes stronger rather than brittle as moisture levels fall could find application in low-moisture environments such as space.
Optical micrograph showing the dual phase microstructure

Aluminium metallurgy made simple

Materials World magazine
A simplified powder metallurgy process for mechanically alloyed aluminium (MA AI) that uses magnesium may lead to faster and efficient production of small engineering component parts.