IOM3 Iron and Steel Society Announces Series of Steelplant Strategy Seminars

The Iron & Steel Society
The Iron and Steel Society a division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining has organised a series of five one day seminars that is designed to inform managers at all levels of the strategies that are being adopted in the steel industry.

MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award opens

The 9th MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award is open for submissions from designers, material manufacturers, developers, engineers and producers.

Winners of the Institute's 2011 Medals and Prizes

The Institute has announced the 2011 winners of its Medal and Prizes.

2011 Young Persons' Lecture Competition final

Jenni Tilley described polyurethane, carbon fibre and tendon as ‘hero materials’ of the London 2012 Olympic Games in her winning talk at the Young Persons’ Lecture Competition.