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Much to learn - crucial steps for Indian packaging development

Packaging Professional magazine
Changing philosophies of work in Indian packaging is crucial to its development, says Rajiv Dhar, Secretary General of The Aseptic Food Processing & Packaging Industry Association of India.
Bubbaloo bubble gum packaging design. Image courtesy of Desmania, New Delhi, India

Subcontinental shift - Indian packaging industry influences

Packaging Professional magazine
This article looks at the unique blend of traditional, political and geographical influences on the Indian packaging industry.
shoppers in Indian supermarket

Advantage India - consumer goods packaging trends

Packaging Professional magazine
Asma Siddiqi, Research Analyst at Euromonitor International, highlights recent trends in the Indian consumer goods packaging industry.

Indian packaging market potential

Packaging Professional magazine
The Packaging Professional speaks to several key players for the lowdown on the Indian packaging industry and the challenges ahead.

Poultry plastics challenge pecking order

Packaging Professional magazine
Waste chicken feathers could be used to create biodegradable thermoplastics for packaging as an alternative to petroleum based plastics.