Stylised graphic of businessman riding unicycle

Time for T-shaped people

Materials World magazine
With the recession slashing training budgets, Michael Bennett finds out other ways employees can widen their skill set.
Artistic rendering of a customised (additive manufactured) Taekwondo chest protector

Game-changing technology - sports engineering

Materials World magazine
The subtle machinations of sports engineering were discussed at a recent conference at Loughborough University, UK.
soldier's helmet

The hard-headed approach - advances in helmet technology

Materials World magazine
From thermal burden to visor mist tests, advances in helmet technology were analysed at a recent conference held in London, UK.

Silicon battery energy potential

Materials World magazine
A pilot plant that produces silicon anodes could transform the battery manufacturing sector by creating devices that can store ten times the quantity of lithium than a carbon anode. Ledetta Asfa-Wossen explores Nexeon’s Oxford, UK, based facility.

Optical result for laser technology

Materials World magazine
An optical fibre composed of a zinc selenide, rather than silica glass, core could facilitate more dynamic laser technology. It enables light to be transported over longer wavelengths.