Mining for change - The Global Mining Forum

Materials World magazine
A report on The Global Mining Forum held in London, UK, on 25-26 January, which spanned a range of topics from EU policy reviews on recycling and sustaining supply to recent mining activity.
Open-hole S2-glass composite material (left) with TSA image (right) showing stress field and finite element verification

Cracking joint analysis in composites

Materials World magazine
Engineers at Georgia Institute of Technology are unveiling what they believe is a faster, non-destructive, method of testing fatigue damage in situ in single lap composite joints.
Crystal bar of the metal hafnium, which is used in coatings on aeroplane engines. © Heinrich Pniok, Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 Creative Commons (

Strategically important materials

Materials World magazine
With growing concerns about the world’s dwindling mineral resources and a shifting geopolitical pecking order, the UK Government’s Science and Technology Committee have launched an inquiry into the supply of strategically important metals.

Petroleum and Drilling Engineering Division Update

Energy Transition Group
One of a series of regular updates on the activities of Petroleum and Drilling Engineering Division.
NuPlant software

Packing up nuclear power plants

Materials World magazine
Software previously designed to streamline pharmaceutical packaging production is being used to help dismantle nuclear reactors more efficiently using 3D structural diagrams.