The patented m series mill from International Innovative Technology, Gateshead, UK

Run of the dry mill

Materials World magazine
A compact solution for energy-efficient dry milling could turn industrial by-products that had previously been considered waste into commercial products, says a UK firm.
airport x-ray scanner

X-ray vision enhanced

Materials World magazine
High-energy X-ray colour imaging holds the key to producing images of materials with an unprecedented amount of structural information.
Two and three inch nickel sulphide test samples from Sudbury

Sorting out low-grade nickel ores

Materials World magazine
Researchers in Canada have developed a sensor that has the potential to make low-grade nickel ore extraction more economically viable. The high-frequency electromagnetic sorting system is aimed at the pre-milling stage.

Research and development: synergy as a next step

Materials World magazine
The UK coalition Government’s funding announcements will have a profound effect on research priorities in the coming years. While science remains relatively unscathed, the pressure to turn a penny could see some industries benefit from R&D more than others.
A mango, yesterday

Fruitful endeavours in edible films

Materials World magazine
A film composed entirely of mango puree could provide an alternative to synthetic materials and increase the shelf-life of fresh-cut fruit.