Holography creates an illusion of 3D by capturing an image from several angles

From sci-fi to the supermarket - 3D holograms

Packaging Professional magazine
Scientists in the USA have developed a material that can be used for full-colour display of holographic images, with implications for interactive packaging.

Turning around waste plastics

Packaging Professional magazine
An upcycling process is said to turn mixed waste plastics into perfectly spherical carbon microspheres (CMSs) for use in printer ink, anode materials in rechargeable batteries and heat-dispersing agents in car tyres.
waste plastic food packaging

Recycled food-grade polypropylene – a reality?

Packaging Professional magazine
Waste polypropylene (PP) has the potential to be recycled back into food-grade plastic, according to the UK Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP). If this can be achieved, it may be easier to wean food packaging manufacturers off virgin PP and so offer a boost to the recycling industry.

TWI awarded SPARK grant with the University of Glasgow

TWI, one of Europe’s largest independent research and technology organisations has recently been awarded a £5,000 Strategic Project to Access Research and Knowledge (SPARK) award.
Jan Lewis, new IOM3 President

Jan Lewis - interview with the new IOM3 President

The Institute has appointed Jan Lewis as its new president. Here Jan talks about his new role.