Electron radiation for natural fibre-reinforced composites

Materials World magazine
Researchers in Germany have shown that electron radiation can improve interfacial bonding in natural fibre-reinforced composites. The process may be faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than existing methods.
High temperature silicon carbide electronics project wafer

Circuit training - silicon carbide for high temperature electronics

Materials World magazine
A novel integrated circuit process based on silicon carbide could allow active electronics to operate for long periods in high temperature environments.
Coconut burfi

Longer life for festive sweets

Materials World magazine
The shelf-life of the coconut burfi, an Indian sweet, could be increased to 75 days, thanks to a combination of thermal processing and existing packaging materials.

Shape-shifting materials - a novel take on origami

Materials World magazine
Researchers at Harvard and MIT, USA, have designed shape-shifting programmable matter, in the form of a "smart paper".
Sand and gravel quarry with a large processing discard settlement pond

End of the affair? The European Mining Waste Directive

Materials World magazine
Implementation of the European Mining Waste Directive in England and Wales has been a protracted affair with deadlines for compliance closing in. Neil Wells, Geological Services Manager at Hanson UK, provides some insight into what this means for the extractive industries.