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Soaking up savings - water efficiency

Materials World magazine
Water-efficient technology has vast potential and the associated tax relief can help manufacturers boost their bottom line. Water specialist Claire Sweeney, at UK sustainable business programme Envirowise, reports

Counting carbon

Materials World magazine
The UK Carbon Reduction Commitment kicks in from April 2010. Alessandra McConville, Environmental Programmes Leader at EEF, the manufacturer’s organisation, provides guidance on the process of compliance.
Aircraft interiors could provide a market for recycled carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites.

A lifeline for waste carbon fibres

Materials World magazine
Last month, Materials World magazine carried a feature on the mechanisms being explored for recycling carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites. Rupal Mehta takes the story further with a report on a conference on carbon fibre recycling and reuse.
Examples of organic semiconductor-doped fibres with different colours excited by daylight or a table lamp. Image courtesy POLYCOM partner LUCEAT SpA, Dello, Italy

In sight – faster data transmission

Materials World magazine
European scientists claim to have demonstrated the feasibility of doping plastic optical fibres (POFs) with conjugated oligomers or co-polymer F8BT to create all-optical switching. This may enhance data transmission in short haul POF networks.