plastic-wrapped processed cheeses

In contact with food safety - the Bisphenol A debate

Packaging Professional magazine
As Bisphenol A and its safety in food contact packaging makes the headlines, delegates at the Food Contact 2010 conference in September discussed the negative public opinion.

Materials Science & Engineering Spotlight

Maney Publishing
Maney Publishing is the official publisher for the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). Members of the Institute enjoy free access to the Institute’s refereed journals. View this article to find out more about Maney’s journals in the Materials Science & Engineering collection and how to access content.

Unlocking ingenuity at the European Packaging Summit

Packaging Professional magazine
Delegates at the European Packaging Summit, held in London, UK, on 5-6 October, converged to assess the state of the packaging industry, with discussions on regulations, the economic situation and how a fundamental shift in thinking is needed.
A mango, yesterday

Fruitful endeavours in edible films

Packaging Professional magazine
A film composed entirely of mango puree could provide an alternative to synthetic materials and increase shelf-life of fresh-cut fruit, according to a team of Thai researchers.
Closed Loop’s Nick Cliffe helps the Made On A Bus group get to grips with recycled plastic

Wheels in motion - waste management workshop

Packaging Professional magazine
A workshop on the trail of recyclable waste sparked dialogue between UK local council officials, recycling industry professionals, designers and processors in waste management.