broken pint glass

Towards a tougher, safer pint glass

Materials World magazine
A group of policymakers, materials technologists, designers, drinking vessel manufacturers and trade groups met for a Materials KTN event on 17 November in London to plan towards setting a Standard for Safer Drinking Vessels.
National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff, with hostile vehicle mitigation measures and a blast resistant façade © National Assembly for Wales

Designing for counter-terrorism

Materials World magazine
As counter-terrorism strategies remain high on national agendas, TPS Consult, headquartered in Croydon, UK, has assisted the Royal Institute of British Architecture to produce guidance on designing for counter-terrorism.

Power to protective structures

Materials World magazine
Structures that can withstand anything man or nature throws at them are not simply unrealistic fodder for a Hollywood action film - materials scientists and engineers worldwide are quietly working to make protective construction a reality.
roof tiles

Predicting tile behaviour

Materials World magazine
Predicting the behaviour of fired clay materials subjected to frost, such as roof tiles, may be one step closer, say researchers in France.

Designing out variability in chips

Materials World magazine
A European project, REALITY, aims to cut down on variability in transistors caused by miniaturisation by concentrating on system-on-a-chip (SoC) architecture, a type of chip used specifically in mobile devices that integrates components of a computer into a single circuit.