Streamlining conductive film deposition

Wood Focus magazine
A simple electroless process for preparing nickel-phosphorus (Ni- P) film on wood veneers for electrical conductivity is being explored by Chinese researchers.

Forests are not weathering the storm

Wood Focus magazine
European forests are more susceptible to storm damage than ever before, according to research led by the British Forestry Commission. The Commission is exploring risk models that predict the probability, as well as the implications of thinning the forest and managing it in different ways.

Making a non-corrosive connection system

Wood Focus magazine
A non-metallic, non-glue, connection system for timber structures could find use in corrosive environments such as swimming pools and grit salt storage facilities, as well as the renovation or restoration of historic frames. It uses glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) dowels and densified veneer wood (DVW) flitch plates.
construction hat on a building schematic

Feeling green around the bills - developing skills for the green economy

Materials World magazine
A dearth of green skills is conspiring against sustainability objectives, suggested attendees at a seminar on Skills for the Green Economy, held in London, UK, on 21 October.
Light from molecules emerging from a metal surface which has been nanosculpted. Image courtesy of Jeremy Baumberg – University of Southampton, UK

Standardising nanotechnologies

Materials World magazine
Peter Hatto, Chairman of the UK’s European and international standardisation committees for nanotechnologies, and Stuart MacLachlan of the UK’s Materials Knowledge Transfer Network, discuss the latest on nanotechnology standardisation.