IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2010 winners

14 May 2010

The Institute has announced the 2010 winners of its Medal and Prizes. The premier award winners are listed below.

  • Tom Bell Award – Professor John Nicholls FIMMM,
    Cranfield University. He
    established the National High Temperature Surface Engineering Centre
    and is a world expert on this area of materials science. His seminal work on coating systems to
    combat high temperature corrosion and wear has led to improved
    processes and coatings.

  • Bessemer Gold Medal – Professor Mike Sellars FIMMM,
    University of Sheffield. Sellars' expertise lies in microstructure
    changes and how hot working effects the properties of materials. This
    research has led to several models of the rolling process which are
    remain in use today.

  • Sir Andrew Bryan – Dr Chris Corti FIMMM. As a
    member of the IOM3 Local Affairs Board Corti has been an active supporter
    of the Young Persons' Lecture Competition as a way of promoting
    materials science to students. Corti has served on Council, the
    membership committee, the Professional Policy Board and The Member's
    Benevolent Trust. 

  • Chapman Medal – Professor James Kirkpatrick,
    Institute of Pathology, for successfully bringing together academic
    research and clinical applications.
    He sits on a number of editorial advisory boards for biomedical
    journals and is an external reviewer for funding agencies such as the
    Medical Research Council and the EPSRC.

  • Futers Gold Medal – Dr Christopher Fleming,
    Consultant for SGS. After 16 years working in
    hydrometallurgical research and development for Mintek in South Africa,
    he moved to Lakefield Research in Canada, rising from General Manager
    to CEO. He later gained responsibility for the company's worldwide
    metallurgy business.

  • Gold Medal – Dr Derek Allen.
    Allen works for Alstom Power and is seconded to the Technology Strategy
    Board to advise on energy generation and supply. In this role he works
    to ensure new and sustainable energy materials receive industrial and
    governmental backing. His academic work focuses on high temperature and
    energy materials.

  • Griffith Medal and Prize – Professor Robin Grimes FIMMM,
    Imperial College London. He balances his academic commitments of leading the
    EPSRC consortium on nuclear and Director of Imperial's Centre for
    Nuclear Engineering with media appearances in support of nuclear

  • Medal for Excellence – Andrew Watson FIMMM,
    Commercial Manger of the Mines Rescue Services. Watson secured the
    financial future of the Services by expanding its offerings into
    training and health and safety to mitigate the loss of revenue as UK
    mines closed. He has advocated an industry-recognised training scheme
    for the Service.

  • Platinum Medal – Professor G Thompson OBE FIMMM, The University of Manchester, in recognition of outstanding service to the Institute and to its
    objectives or for other outstanding contributions to materials science,
    technology and industry nationally or internationally.

  • Silver Medal Dr Christopher Gourlay ProfGrad,
    Imperial College London. His
    interest lies in light casting and soldering alloys. This led to collaboration with a Japanese group to use
    synchrotron X-ray video microscopy. By noticing shear band-formation in
    iceberg floes and rocks in magma, he was able to establish links with
    researchers into soil-mechanics.

  • Stokowiec Medal and Prize – John Martin MIMMM. In a career spanning
    almost 30 years, he has been involved in every metallurgical aspect of oil and
    gas exploration and production, ranging from operations, projects, field
    support and research and development.

  • Swinburne Award – Professor Ton Peijs ProfGrad,
    Queen Mary University of London, for work on
    processing-structure-property relationships of polymers and their
    composites. Much
    of his work has been commercialised, such as recyclable self-reinforced
    polypropylene and commingled PLA/flax textile yarns for biodegradable

Details of all other award winners can be found on the 2010 award winners page.