Pooling the talent of young designers

25 Mar 2010

important UK membership organisations involved in the design and technology
sectors are joining forces to create a new joint venture – the ‘Design Pool’.

the fragmented nature of the design community and the diverse interests of
their members, the Institution of Engineering Designers (IED), the Chartered
Society of Designers (CSD) and IOM3 believe this venture will greatly assist contact between all segments of
their combined membership. These new links will be particularly valuable for
young, recently qualified designers and technologists who will be able to share
knowledge and the benefits offered by the three organisations.

Frank Peters,
Chief Executive of the CSD, welcomed the initiative as a positive step forward
to broaden the development of resources for design and materials groups. The
design and materials communities have gained considerably from the efforts of
the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network, a government-funded network in
materials which has a sector focused on design. The Design Pool will add to
this work.

Brodhurst from the IED confirmed the support of IED members for this ‘value adding’
scheme. In the UK, it is often hard for small creative groups to be fully aware
of new developments and opportunities. ‘The combined membership of these three
organisations, which is in excess of 25,000, will enable a wide range of
technology and design topics to be shared,’ she said.

‘Think of it as a
new pool of resources,’ commented Bernie Rickinson, Chief Executive of IOM3,
‘with more to come.’ An on-line information resource called ‘Design Mine’ will
be available to younger members, as well as joint activities and discounted
rates to events run by the founding partners. Other membership organisations
could take part to add further value to the venture.


Other founding partners

The CSD is the professional body for designers and the authority on
professional design practice. It works to promote the sound principles of
design, to further design practice and encourage the study of design techniques
for the benefit of the community. It is the world’s largest chartered body of
professional designers. 

The IED is the UK professional body for engineering
designers who operate in any aspect of the field, including architecture,
product design, and the marine, automotive and aircraft industries. Membership
is also open to companies who have a design function and/or employ design


Further information

Design Pool website

Contact Bernie Rickinson, tel: 020 7451 7367.