Size Matters - RI Christmas lectures 2010 relate to materials

14 Dec 2010

This year's Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, presented by Dr Mark
Miodownik, are on the theme 'Size Matters' and are being broadcast on
BBC Four at the end of December.

you ever seen a solid that could be a liquid depending on how long you
look at it? How can hamsters survive falling from an airplane? How can
hair keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat? The thing that
could provide the answers is the question that has plagued us all -
does size matter? Would we be faster, stronger, smarter and generally
have more fun if we were as small as an ant or would it be better if we
were as large as a planet? These are some of the questions that Dr Miodownik will address.

The lectures take place at the RI in London in the two weeks leading up to Christmas, but are also being broadcast on BBC Four on 28, 29 and 30 December at 8pm.

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