Low water corrosion control

Materials World magazine
Accelerated low water corrosion (ALWC) affects sheet-piled retaining walls and steel structures in marine environments. A three-stage protection technique (LATreat), which involves a ‘naturally’ occuring coating, could mitigate the increasing problem on existing structures.

Stress relief – weld filler

Materials World magazine
A study into weld residual stress claims that customised metal austenite weld filler can control and reduce the stress. Researchers at Imperial College London, UK, have been experimenting with a low transformation temperature welding wire (LTTW).

Multiple memories for shape memory alloys

Materials World magazine
Shape memory alloys can now remember multiple shapes, according to Canadian researchers. The patent pending Multiple Memory Material Technology is said to control the transformation temperatures at certain locations in the materials.

Thermoplastics meet car parts

Materials World magazine
A new technique could be used to mass produce lighter thermoplastic fibre composite car parts that are cheaper, safer and recyclable. At the moment, many car makers use a thermoset matrix for such composite materials, but the approach is said to face a number of drawbacks
Moulded foam packaging made from mushroom composite

Mushroom composite foam

Materials World magazine
A biodegradable material made from mushroom roots and seed husks could replace plastic foam for packaging applications.