Tailings energise renewables vision

Materials World magazine
Waste quartz tailings from a former gold mine in Australia could become a new source of silicon for the solar power sector. The mine is based at Smeaton in Victoria.
Mining drill

Closing the loop on deep level mining

Materials World magazine
A drilling system that uses remote water hydraulic technology, supported by modular power packs, could achieve more energy and water efficient ore extraction from ‘drill and blast’ mining.

Stick together – protein-based adhesives

Materials World magazine
Proteins extracted from oilseed rape (canola), soy or castor meals using a new technique are yielding formaldehyde-free structural adhesives suitable for use in wood composites, say scientists at Advanced Biopolymer Technologies, in Mantua, USA.

Low–porosity ceramic tiles

Materials World magazine
Improved stain resistance in polished ceramic tiles may now be possible, say researchers at the Instituto de Ceramica y Vidrio in Spain, who have introduced an organic fugitive phase during liquid sintering of green tiles to achieve reduced porosity volume with various pore sizes.
Magnetic-layered phosphate showing introduction of magnetic species between the metal phosphate layers

Adding colour to magnetic materials

Materials World magazine
Experiments on magnetic materials at the University of Birmingham, UK, have yielded ‘surprising’ results that could generate a new range of pigments.