John Antony Bishopp FIMMM wins adhesives award

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
John Bishopp, Managing Director Star Adhesion Ltd, has won the Society for Adhesion & Adhesives' de Bruyne Medal.
adult planting "tree" in child's hand (creative thinking)

Connecting research with creativity

Materials World magazine
A concept designed to help academics integrate creative thinking into their research more easily has been introduced by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.
A coating system consisting of a superalloy substrate, a MCraly bondcoat and the doped thermal barrier is tested under extreme temperature gradient conditions in a laboratory. Visible is the (bluish) flame of the burner impinging on the coating. The surface temperature is about 1,250ºC. The substrate is kept at much lower temperatures. Typical gradients of 200K to 300K are achieved over a coating thickness of 300μm.

On a cycle – thermal barrier coatings

Materials World magazine
Trials of a novel phosphor-doped thermal barrier coating (TBC) have been completed at RWE npower’s power station in Didcot, UK. Tested for 4,000 hours in a Siemens V94.3 (A) gas turbine, the doped yttria-stabilised zirconia (YSZ) coating is said to have remained in good condition, while the conventional YSZ TBC delaminated.

Probing hardmetal

Materials World magazine
Scientists in France and Sweden have made progress in understanding why some properties of hardmetal improve when doped with vanadium. The findings could help manufacturers control the hardness and durability of hardmetal.
Grinding cement

Grinding ultra-fine cement at industrial level

Materials World magazine
A cementitious minerals processing technology could provide an alternative to ball mills for producing ultra-fine-particles for industrial applications, such as grouts for oil and gas exploration and high performance building products. The technology is also said to be suitable for industries handling pumice, calcium carbonate, talc, nepheline syenite, clays, ceramics, zeolites and graphite.