Coconut burfi

Longer life for festive sweets

Packaging Professional magazine
The shelf life of coconut burfi could be increased to 75 days thanks to a combination of thermal processing and existing packaging materials.

Turning up the heat on printability - extrusion-coated paper

Packaging Professional magazine
The print quality of extrusion-coated paper has been improved through flame treatment, says a group of researchers in Finland. The team has applied flame, corona, and atmospheric treatments to two different types of extrusion coatings – low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) – and has found that flame treatment has a strong effect on printability. An improvement in the visual quality of surfaces after atmospheric plasma treatment is also said to be visible.

Journal of the Month: Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology

Maney Publishing’s Journal of the Month in September 2010 is Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology . Each month we feature a key journal, lifting restrictions on content to make it freely available to all, and providing additional insights into the team behind the journal, its history, and its content. Visit our dedicated Journal of the Month page to access 3 years worth of content and more. Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology provides broad international coverage of research and practice in corrosion processes and corrosion control. Peer-reviewed contributions address all aspects of corrosion engineering and corrosion science, with a strong emphasis on effective design and materials selection to combat corrosion.

Young Persons' Lecture Competition goes to Malaysia

The competitors have been announced for the 2010 Young Persons' World Lecture Competition, which this year is being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dr Jeff Lloyd FIWSc takes new position at the International Research Group on Wood Protection

Dr Jeff Lloyd FIWSc, Vice-President of R&D at Nisus Corporation, has been appointed Vice-President of the International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRG).