USA entrant wins World Lecture Competition

Jason Myers from the University of Florida, USA, has won this year’s Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition with a presentation on organic photovoltaic cells.

Free access to Cement and Concrete Science Virtual Journal

Maney Publishing are pleased to announce an online collection of articles chosen to complement the 2010 Cement and Concrete Science meeting organised by the Cementitious Materials Group of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. The articles are freely available to download.
Wooden packaging

Misunderstood wood? Food packaging

Packaging Professional magazine
Novel microbiological testing methods could promote wood’s use as a food packaging material, according to a group of French researchers. The research is said to compound findings from other scientists, which conclude that micro-organisms do not survive easily on wood.
Typing on keyboard

Strategic approach to pack design

Packaging Professional magazine
An integrated methodology that could improve the design of packaging has been put forward by a research team from the University of Alabama, USA. The technique combines two packaging processes – quality function design (QFD) and the design of experiments (DOE).
Moulded foam packaging made from mushroom composite

Mushroom composite foam

Packaging Professional magazine
A biodegradable material made from mushroom roots and seed husks could replace plastic foam, say its developers. The material has already been used for ready-to-assemble office furniture packaging and audio products.