Speedy single molecules for switches

Materials World magazine
UK researchers are playing their part in the long-term quest to incorporate single molecules into electronic circuits for nanoscale high speed devices. This technology would not rely on a material’s bulk properties to perform electronic functions such as switching or logic.
Hydrogen fuel cell

Polymer-based hydrogen storage

Materials World magazine
UK scientists exploring the safe storage of hydrogen for powering vehicles have developed an organic polymer capable of storing three per cent hydrogen by weight.

Aerosol deposition for fuel filtration

Materials World magazine
A processing technique for the deposition of thin and super thin polymer films on substrates could provide a more 'cost-effective' coating method for fuel filtration systems in automotives and aircraft, say researchers at Nottingham University in the UK.
Pendants: Vitreous enamel, copper and silver

Enamoured by enamel

Materials World magazine
The Innovation in Enamel Symposium at University of West England in Bristol, UK, drew an earnest crowd eager to discuss the possibilities of a material weighed down in tradition.
Torness will be one of the last exisiting UK nuclear sites to produce electricity. Image courtesy of British Energy

Britain – nuclear island of opportunity?

Materials World magazine
The prospect of a nuclear renaissance in the UK has resulted in a closer look at its supply chain capability.