Bill Bolsover

Unsung heroes? Profile of Bill Bolsover, chairman of the UK’s Construction Products Association

Wood Focus magazine
The new Chairman of the UK’s Construction Products Association, Bill Bolsover, has never been scared to get his hands dirty, which is good as he takes on the post at an uncertain time for the industry. This former miner and concrete plant manager talks to Rupal Mehta about the need for stronger Government backing for a sector that is vital to the UK economy and covers a myriad of product areas.

Stick together – protein-based adhesives

Wood Focus magazine
Proteins extracted from oilseed rape (canola), soy or castor meals using a new technique are yielding formaldehyde-free structural adhesives suitable for use in wood composites, say scientists at Advanced Biopolymer Technologies, in Mantua, USA.
Decayed tree-trunk

Fighting decay - organic preservation of wood

Wood Focus magazine
An organic preservation method for treated wood used in residential applications may provide an effective and environmentally friendly way to prevent wood decay.

Resources under fire

Wood Focus magazine
The UK Wood Panel Industries Federation has urged the Government not to ‘support the squandering of valuable wood resources’ through the issue of its Renewables Obligation subsidy for biomass energy.

The New Machinery Directive

The Packaging Society
Is your company ready for the change overs that the new Machinery Directive will require?