Salt-modified starch

Carbohydrate polymers with a pinch of salt

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The use of salt-modified starch as a binder could assist the production of compostable carbohydrate-based polymers with varied properties, say researchers at Leicester University in the UK.
PolOne's blow moulding machine

Multilayer bottle technology

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A process that enables blow moulders to co-extrude high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles layered with thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), has been developed by PolyOne, headquartered in Cleveland, USA.
Over filled bin

Preventing waste with packaging

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The amount of food that UK households and businesses waste could be significantly reduced with the help of nanotechnology in packaging, concluded speakers at the Food Packaging and Waste event, held in London, UK, on 29 June.

Looking to the future - how will Government cuts affect packaging?

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DEFRA, which funds WRAP, will be forced to cut £162m from its budget under new Chancellor George Osborne’s £6.2bln savings plan, while at the same time recycling targets are set to rise. Gary Price asks key representatives from the sector how they think the cuts will affect industry and what they wish the new Government to achieve.

Linking the supply chain

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Software that may help retailers, as well as packaging manufacturers and designers, reduce the costs and CO2 emissions associated with transporting, storing and shelving packed products is said to have been used for the first time by a major UK retailer.