Delegates at the Materials KTN AGM

Societal solutions – The fourth UK Materials Knowledge Transfer Network AGM

Materials World magazine
The fourth UK Materials Knowledge Transfer Network AGM was held on 22 April in London. Network Manager Jackie Butterfield and Polymer Sector Leader Matthew Thornton report on the day’s proceedings, which explored the value of materials to society
Understanding the failure mechanics of lattice materials could lead to improved energy absorbing body armour

Lattice materials get tough

Materials World magazine
The failure mechanics of steel lattice materials have been explored by a team of engineers from Cambridge University in the UK. The work could lead to improved energy absorbing structures, with applications in defence, in particular, as a material for improved body armour.
A vein of gold embedded in rock

Gold mining without a mine

Materials World magazine
Access to remote and marginal gold deposits not suited to conventional mining could be made economically viable thanks to an in situ leaching technique adapted from a process commonly used to extract uranium.

Stepping up with polymers - staircase development

Materials World magazine
A staircase construction technique that uses blocks made of polystyrene and a polyurethane coating filled with concrete could lead to a made-to-measure alternative to heavy concrete steps according to its inventors.
Chrissy Phipps, Fab Lab Manager, works with young inventor Tayyeb Sheikh on his MP3 toothbrush

FABricating freedom – UK's first Fab Lab

Materials World magazine
The UK’s first Fab Lab has opened in Manchester, UK, giving rise to a new trend in manufacturing where the public invent products through free access to design and equipment.