Schematic of the neural electrode array resting on a bed of raw silk fibre derived from silkworm cocoons. Image courtesy of F Omenetto

A snug fit for neurological device

Materials World magazine
Delivering a flexible implant through a catheter to electronically monitor neurological diseases is the ultimate goal for a team of scientists in the USA.

Liquid crystals for improved shelf life

Materials World magazine
Developments in the structure and movement of liquid crystals may result in more effective sealant properties that prolong shelf life.
The action of the self-inflating insert

Hydrogel fix for cleft palate

Materials World magazine
A UK-USA research team has been working to improve the treatment of cleft palates using hydrogels. The polymer gradually expands as fluid is absorbed, encouraging skin growth. When sufficient skin has grown, the plate is removed and the cleft repaired using the additional tissue.
Heart cardiac surgery aortic valve replacement

Understanding polymer deformation

Materials World magazine
A time-resolved monitoring technique has been used by UK researchers to measure, and in turn control, the mechanical deformation of polymers. The findings could eventually lead to more durable artificial heart valves.

An inside job – automotive interiors

Materials World magazine
The use of natural and recycled materials has increased significantly in the automotive industry, with a range of interior components being incorporated into vehicle models.