Compostable sugar polymer packaging

Compostable sugar polymer

Packaging Professional magazine
A compostable sugar-based polymer could offer a significant advance on polylactic acid (PLA), researchers at Imperial College London, UK, claim. Sugar derivatives are being modified by a series of chemical transformations to create a potentially domestically degradable polymer that does not rely on food crops and is less energy intensive to manufacture.
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Measuring sustainability – global packaging metric

Packaging Professional magazine
Some of the biggest global brands and packaging manufacturers will pilot a new common language of definitions to benchmark sustainability in the Global Packaging Project (GPP).

Places available for packaging training

The Packaging Society
The World Packaging Organisation (WPO), The Packaging Society and the Indian Institute of Packaging have arranged a residential training programme on packaging principles, materials and systems. The event will take place at the Indian Institute of Packaging in Mumbai, India, from 3-4 May 2010.

Investment needed in UK nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is of national importance to the UK but the methodology for developing new technologies needs to be streamlined. These were some of the conclusions from a survey which asked leading research scientists about the opportunities and barriers for UK-based nanotechnology.

Sign up to the Plastics 2020 Challenge

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Plastics in our marine and beach litter negatively affect the public and media views and perceptions of plastic products. The British Plastics Federation has opened up dialogue with all stakeholders through the Plastics 2020 Challenge website.