New award for young architects

The Institute is sponsoring a prize within the President's Medals co-ordinated by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

2010 Scholarship and Bursary Awards from IOM3

The Institute is inviting applications for its 2010 Scholarship and Bursary Awards. Submissions must be returned by 26 March 2010.

Presidential reshuffle for 2010

Due to an unexpected change in circumstances, there has been a change to the planned handover of the Institute’s presidency. Barry Lye will continue as IOM3 President for one more year, after which time the new Senior Vice-President, Jan Lewis, will take office.
Ladle used in the steel industry lined with refractory bricks.  Image courtesy of RHI, Germany

Refining refractory materials

Clay Technology magazine
Improving the oxidation resistance of carbon-containing refractory bricks and the wettability of castables is the focus of research at the University of Sheffield, UK. This could enhance furnace lining life and performance to benefit the metallurgical processing industries.
The Concrix fibre

Concrete fills up on fibre

Clay Technology magazine
A novel bi-component fibre using two different polymers may pave the way for a concrete that has the required impact resistance and flexural strength but without the need for steel fibre reinforcement. The technology is said to overcome the previous challenges of producing high performance concrete using polymeric fibres.